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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A word back ...

... at Bill Whittle.

You know, I hear you ... Libertarians and other 3rd party types have no chance of winning. And yeah, I understand that this is the most important election evah!

But what you won't admit is that you could have put the names on the ballot in the last 20 years in place of Romney and Obama and made the exact same case as you do in your passionate video. The fact is, Republicans don't stand for limited government or personal freedom anymore (though they will hold the little folks personally accountable, just not those big banks ... or themselves).

What specific act has a Republican president committed that expanded personal freedom in the last 20 years. What specific act has a Republican president committed in the last 20 years that has reduced the size and scope of government?

I'm still waiting. How am I to then put any faith in your statement that next primary season you'll go as far as bringing down the Republican party if your (our) demands aren't met? How effective do you think that'll be?

The Republican party as it's presently constituted is Democrat-lite ... nothing more. I'll not vote for them if there's an option available.


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Anonymous said...

I guess this is a train wreck that just has to happen. Won't get to rest 'til I'm dead.