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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This ...

... will not end well:

With nearly half of all suicides in the military having been committed with privately owned firearms, the Pentagon and Congress are moving to establish policies intended to separate at-risk service members from their personal weapons.
Service members will continue to commit suicide no matter what the brass do (just like the general public will).

Perhaps the military should grow a pair and tell the political hacks who get them in these un-winnable wars (at least, unwinnable the way they're currently prosecuted) to wise up.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I was at LeJeune I was a competitive fencer. I kept my foils in my wall locker until a ssgt saw them one day. I was then ordered to store them in the ARMORY! Because they were WEAPONS?!? You can't make this shit up. The military is pretty phobic about weapons and has been for a while (this happened in 1985).

There is a cognitive disconnect at work here, since we both traveled to and from a war zone with all our personal and crew served weapons,experienced no ND's in months of deployment, yet when we return we aren't trusted on base with our own guns. WTF?