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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jeebus H ...

... can't these statists just mind their own fucking business?

We see kids' lunches called non-nutritious and replaced with pink-slime nuggets or a child arrested for a plastic knife. Something similar happened this week in Newport, California when the lunch brigade noticed a boy's glass bottle (safely inside a foam sleeve) and confiscated his healthy Kombucha beverage which is comparable to apple cider.

The next day he was required to visit the Vice Principal's office where a uniformed cop was waiting there to give him the third degree. The administration claimed the drink violated the no-drugs-and-alcohol policy. The officer wrongly told the child that Kombucha was illegal and dangerous to mix with medicines or antibiotics - then asked him if and what medications he was taking.
This happened in Kalifornia, land of fruits and nuts and all things healthy, so naturally they confiscated ... kombucha.

There is not enough scorn that can be heaped upon these school busy-bodies.


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Anonymous said...

"...can't these statists just mind their own fucking business?" Then they wouldn't be sharing their talents and wisdom with us, as is obviously their God-given mission in life.