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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Fox News ...

... is just as bad as the others:

It's always the same things, according to the media: We got sloppy. We're not perfect. Sometimes a story is "just too good to resist," whether it's true or not.

But let's look at this "too good a story to resist." The writer successfully diagnoses the Zimmerman coverage as the media attempting to simplify a complicated story, in which the facts are simultaneously messy and unknowable, into a childishly unsophisticated White Hat/Black Hat Narrative. 

Fine. But why does the media always choose the same predictable Designated Heroes for its simplistic Narrative, and the same Designated Villains?
 Has Fox News ever, ever substantially taken any other tack about any other story than the one taken by every other network?!

I'm just about to the point where I openly mock my relatives when they say Fox News is the best, but I might need their help building my workshop. Maybe in a few weeks ...


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