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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Aaron Spuler ...

... gets into the fray about open carry vs concealed carry by linking an article weith the html title of 'open carry or use your head':
…because nothing says bad-ass like open carrying your Taurus in a Fobus holster wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off…
You can cut the condescension with ... well, whatever you would like to use it's so thick.

Of course, he gives us the usual platitudes about his article not being anti- 2nd amendment ... it's just anti-open carry.

I've noticed that when authors quote 'experts' in the field of firearms, they tend to be special ops or SWAT operators and I've got to tell you, these guys have very different threat parameters than an ordinary Joe on the street (and anyone who quotes Rob Pincus as the model of tactical decorum should be dismissed outright!). These experts are much more likely to have to interact with hardened criminals (gang members like MS13, etc). If you live in an area where you might have to negotiate gang turf regularly, I'd suggest moving.

My response to those who would limit how I carry to what they would do is a hearty STFU.


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