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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sounds like someone's priorities ...

... are a bit skewed:

ABC 7 News in Denver delved into the costs behind the case of Lt. James Broderick, who has been on paid administrative leave for the last two and a half years while facing perjury charges related to an investigation he led of a 1987 murder. In 1999, a man named Tim Masters was convicted of first degree murder but in 2008 a re-examination of DNA evidence found it wasn’t Masters’ his conviction was vacated. In 2010, Broderick was charged with lying in the trial of Tim Masters, but now the prosecutor has had to drop all charges after an unfavorable ruling from the state Supreme Court, telling ABC 7 News it was a “sad day for justice in Colorado.” 
They've paid over a half million dollars in pay and defending Lt Broderick.

Of course, he's still on the force, on paid leave while his internal affairs review is proceeding. I think it's instructive that the prosecutor who was bitch-slapped thinks that the supreme court got in the way of justice. Maybe someone should remind him that the supreme court is there to (hopefully) ensure that over-zealous prosecutors don't deny justice. h/t Radley


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Old NFO said...

He needs to go to prison...