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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I think ...

... that we're using the wrong metric when we talk about rate of gun violence. Let me explain.

Back in the 80's, Harley Davidson pushed for tariffs on imported (Japanese) motorcycles above a certain displacement. Of course, part of the propoganda was that these motorcycles were more likely to be involved in an accident and were therefore dangerous and there's no need to have a motorcycle that goes that fast and besides, most imported motorcycle owners are Republicans.

Yeah, lots of hysteria.

But then, some actual statisticians mentioned that the metric should be accidents per mile traveled, noting that most Hardley owners bought their bikes to be seen on, while Japanese bike owners actually rode their bikes ... a lot. So when looked at it that way, crotch rockets had a much lower accident rate than Harley Davidson.

In much the same way, I think that the firearms rights community should accept the gun grabbers argument that we have so many guns, and then ask them why we have such a low incidence of gun crime relative to the physical number of guns? It's the same thing with ammo ... there are literally billions of rounds purchased in the US each year (enough to surely cause the rivers of blood that are so often predicted) and yet, there is not a corresponding loss of life.

We desperately need to stop playing the gun grabbers' game. Let's take the language back.

We also need to be policing our own. I saw a news report this morning that a local firearms dealer sold 36 assault rifles in the last three days, apparently oblivious to the mistake. Not only can we do better, we must do better.

If the media comes to you and asks how many assault weapons you've sold recently (and you don't deal in Title II weapons) then tell them none. 'But I see that gentleman walking out the store with one right now!' says the breathless reporter. Oh, you mean the semi-auto rifle that was on the market before the US militarized it? Well, yes, the market on those is being helped by the President right now! And we thank him.

'But, but ... but ...'

The media are not our friends, local or not, and they can't be counted on to get anything right when it comes to firearms ... even when you use little words. If you are interviewed you need to answer questions factually and not volunteer anything. Any, any mistake in terminology absolutely must be corrected and never agreed to.


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