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Monday, August 6, 2012

ALL citizens ...

... need to think long and hard about this:

In this paper, we posit a scenario in which a group of political reactionaries take over a strategically positioned town and have the tacit support of not only local law enforcement but also state government officials, right up to the governor. Under present law, which initially stemmed from bad feelings about Reconstruction, the military’s domestic role is highly circumscribed. In the situation we lay out below, even though the governor refuses to seek federal help to quell the uprising (the usual channel for military assistance), the Constitution allows the president broad leeway in times of insurrection. Citing the precedents of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and Dwight D. Eisenhower sending troops to Little Rock in 1957, the president mobilizes the military and the Department of Homeland Security, to regain control of the city.

Make no mistake ... this paper is about how military planners need to be prepared to use military force on American citizens (the authors protestations not withstanding).



Sean D Sorrentino said...

Well if they have the support of local law enforcement, govt, all the way up to the Governor, why bother them?

Unless of course you don't actually believe in citizen self-determination.

Old NFO said...

Sean's point is a good one! And yeah the Administration WOULD over-ride!