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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here's a thought ...

... on what to do with all of the illegal aliens in AZ:

When you pick up the illegals, bus them up to DC and drop them off at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And then do a press conference, right there, explaining that Barack thinks a flood of illegal immigrants is just dandy because it isn’t happening in his backyard. Have two or three Arizona residents with you who have been victims of violent crime at the hand of illegals. And then say, “Well, now they are in his backyard, and there’s more where they came from. They’re hungry. Some of ‘em need medical care. They all need jobs. They’ll need food stamps, Section 8 housing, and medicaid. And their children need to be enrolled in school and signed up for the free breakfast and lunch programs. Oh, and five or six of them are violent criminals. See ya next week with another load!”

I think that there should be express busses to all of the midwestern blue states so that the illegal aliens can be with all of their Obama buddies. I'm sure Detroit has plenty of room ...


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