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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stealing from Uncle ...

... again!

A man who authorities said had been stalking a Saluda County woman died in what the sheriff's office is calling a shoot-out Saturday night.

You really don't have to look far to see the bias in the media.

It was a shootout (conjuring up the Wild Wild West). The incident is still under investigation (because we still want to charge someone with something). Not to mention the 'My daddy was a good man' appeal to emotion.

It simply couldn't have been that the man who was killed violated a valid court order, dragged his ex-girlfriend 50 yards or more by the hair, beat her, got shot at, and then got his head blown off by the ex-girlfriends dad.

Sounds like a pretty fucking good outcome to me.

And I can tell you this. As long as I'm alive, if I ever see that my daughter has been beaten by anyone, then I'll be exacting some payback as well.

And there's not a jury who would convict me ....


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